Rocky Pack

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SPECIAL ROCKY PACK (Rocky, Scratch, Manip, Grip, COLOR: chartreux)

106,46 € tax incl.


For the installation of Osm'Ose climbing holds ZINC
0,25 €

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These small holds with a special shaped like a crater, will give you lot of work.  Will you dare challenge them?

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A series of buckets both aesthetic and easy.

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Series of 21 very nature holds. This series offer a big grain reproducing perfectly the natural rock. They will be very adherent holds to try along the route. Test it, they are very beautiful!

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Pack of 10 holds for finger's pleasure! Everything to progress with style!

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Please find in this pack all holds from the new collection 2009! 8 Series size XS to size L, or 133 new climbing holds designed by climbing enthusiasts. (This fee does not include hardware)

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For the installation of Osm'Ose climbing holds ZINC

24,08 €

The spirit of the south of France is found in this lot.These 24 little wonders are excellent to use with your foots and your hands.Do not miss it !

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A pack of climbing holds with a beautifully worked look. This series is perfect for tracks of all levels thanks to its multiple prehensions. It will give your wall a unique style. At the boarding !!!

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This pack of 6 large buckets detached from the front of polar glaciers will make you shiver with pleasure at each climb.

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Certifié selon la norme NF P 90 312 - Certifié selon la norme NF EN 12503 Cette gamme de matelas pour structure artificielle d'escalade (SAE) en mousse bi-densité est préconisée pour la réception des chutes des grimpeurs assurés à la paroie.

240,00 €

For the installation of Osm'Ose climbing holds ZINC

89,90 €