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PACK MICRO HOLDS (Micro Rockail, Minus, Gratton, Microb, Mini foot, Insect and Golf!

124,77 €

SPECIAL ROCKY PACK (Rocky, Scratch, Manip, Grip, COLOR: chartreux)

109,82 €

Please find in this pack all holds from the new collection 2009! 8 Series size XS to size L, or 133 new climbing holds designed by climbing enthusiasts. (This fee does not include hardware)

273,28 €

The entire range of Osm'Ose holds at a reduced price! Colors: Random

1 964,37 €

50 Holds from the series Kiddy, Forest, Balls, Yabon, Big Mamma and Arcade!

148,07 €

PACK NEWS 2010 (Mini Foot, Insect, Arcade, Savane, Scratch, Nibs, Balls, Luna N°1&2, Astro N°1&2, Globule; random colors

287,80 €
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