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For the installation of Osm'Ose climbing holds ZINC
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Pack of 1 Osm’Ose climbing hold

42,00 €

Set of 4 big flat rocky; it looks like a slab!

54,50 €

A pack of climbing holds with a beautifully worked look. This series is perfect for tracks of all levels thanks to its multiple prehensions. It will give your wall a unique style. At the boarding !!!

74,90 €

This pack of 6 large buckets detached from the front of polar glaciers will make you shiver with pleasure at each climb.

69,90 €

Big toothless shaped hold; pleasant to hold.For Bouldering!

29,90 €

Extraterrestrial hold, you will enjoy it! Try it in a roof!

26,90 €

A good bucket? You decide ...

11,90 €

PACK LUNA (Luna N°1 to N°6)

54,90 €

This hold has been created to respect your joints ...

11,90 €

It’s a ball and a flat!

11,90 €

A simple but effective ball.

11,90 €

Flat moon - FHC screw and wood screw.

11,90 €